Reputation Management Quote Tool

Disclaimer: This quoting tool is meant to provide a ballpark of our most requested features for Reputation Management for early conversations with your client about our Reputation costs. This is not to be used as an official quote. If you need an official quote, please fill out our online form here, and allow up to 72 hours for reply.

Basic Services

  • Creation or graphic update of Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Management of Facebook, Twitter and Google (Linkedin is included as long as it is pre-existing) if needed.
  • Up to 12 scheduled posts including emailed proof process and responding to Tweets or posts to your business Facebook and Google pages.
  • Claim, correct, and verify specified listings.
  • Monitor the listings and social sites for reviews/responses, and work with your team to answer or address any customer feedback.
  • Listings Syndication – we submit your business information to the top major data providers to sync and correct hundreds of listing directories across the web.
  • Setup and training of Social and Reputation dashboards upon request.
  • Technical support via phone or email available with a turnaround time of up to 2 days during business hours.

If you have any questions about these services or this form, please reach out to Michelle Skadal at 563-383-2397 or

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